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Dr. Natasha Ryz

Luxury Skincare for Dry Aging Skin

Dry Skin Love Skincare


Dr. Natasha Ryz, PhD, MSc, BSc

Scientist, Designer, Entrepreneur

Dr. Natasha Ryz

Dr. Natasha Ryz is the founder of Dry Skin Love Skincare and cofounder of Ryz Rémi Organic Skincare.

Dr. Natasha Ryz is a scientist who designs skincare products for beauty, dry skin and pain relief.

She has a PhD in Experimental Medicine from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and she is a Vanier scholar. She also holds a Master of Science degree and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Dr. Ryz is the former Chief Science Officer of Zenabis Global, and she oversaw cannabis extraction, analytics, and product development.

Why I Started a Skincare Company

Luxury Skincare

"I started Dry Skin Love to create luxury skincare for dry aging skin.

I wanted to create skincare that I look forward to using every single day. I also wanted to celebrate plants in all of their glory. Natural, unrefined, minimally processed, organic and wild plants. 

I hope you get to experience whole plants taking care of you.

- Natasha