Why Does Virgin Coconut Oil Smell So Good?

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Delicious Virgin Coconut Oil

An aroma that evokes memories of tropical beaches with deep blue oceans, lush palm trees, and bright sunny skies. 

Do you wonder why Virgin Coconut Oil smells so good? 

The aroma of Virgin Coconut Oil is rich, creamy and subtly sweet, with undertones of fresh fruit. 

Lactones are the main flavour compounds that provide the coconut aroma.

  • δ-octalactone has a fatty coconut aroma, with mild green undertones.
  • δ-decalactone has a creamy, coconut aroma with slight peach undertones.

Virgin Coconut Oil also has minor compounds that contribute a fruity aroma:

  • ethyl decanoate has a sweet apple aroma.
  • ethyl acetate has a pleasant fruity odor, similar to pear.
  • nonanal smells like citrus peel, with cucumber undertones.
  • limonene smells like fresh sweet orange.

Some compounds also provide freshness: 

  • 2-heptanone has fruity, waxy and green notes.
  • hexanal smells like freshly cut grass.

Cold-pressed, unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has the strongest natural coconut scent.

Virgin Coconut Oil is minimally processed, so it retains its nutrients and aromatic compounds. Whereas, refined Coconut Oil and MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil have minimal to zero coconut aroma. 


Do you like the smell of Virgin Coconut Oil?



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