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How Does Fall Weather Affect Your Dry Skin?

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Sun Damage During The Fall. Should You Still Wear Sunscreen? Yes

Posted by Dr. Natasha Ryz on

Ultraviolet (UV) exposure from sunlight can damage dry skin.

Fall weather can worsen dry skin.

UV exposure from the sun is still a concern during the fall months in Canada and proper sunscreen or sunblock should be worn, especially when spending time outdoors.

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Larch Valley Trail in Moraine Lake at Lake Louise: Stunning Fall Hike in Alberta

Posted by Dr. Natasha Ryz on

The Larch Valley hike starting at Moraine Lake near Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful hikes in Banff National Park in Alberta.

The best time to hike the Larch Valley is during Larch season between mid-September and early-October. 

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