Best Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin - 12 of The Most Luxurious Oil Cleansers To Try

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Oil cleansing is very gentle on dry skin and protects your skin barrier.

The best oil cleansers are oil-based cleansers that contains plant seed oils.

Oil cleansers are packed with nutrient-rich oils and leave your skin feeling healthy and nourished. Oil cleansers leave your dry feeling clean, soft, and plump.

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Face oil cleansers in the green beauty space are rich, decadent, and luxurious.

These face oil cleansers are made with premium, natural, plant-based ingredients.

Have you tried any of these 12 green luxury face oil cleansers?

Beneficial Fats Found Naturally in Your Skin Barrier

1. Tata Harper (Vermont)

Founder: Tata Harper 

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser

A multi-vitamin cleansing oil that breaks down buildup and dissolves makeup without stripping the skin for a soft, supple feeling. Best for makeup removal and dry, uneven skin.

Available at: Tata Harper Skin Care


2. May Lindstrom (California)

Founder: May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom The Pendulum Potion

May Lindstrom The Pendulum Potion

A sensorial feast of antioxidant-rich goodness cushions and lovingly cleanses the skin, effortlessly melting away makeup and environmental debris, while softening and clearing congestion and dullness. Emulsifier and surfactant-free, The Pendulum Potion’s nourishing oils bond with the skin’s pollutants before they are swept clear with a soft, steamy cloth.

Available at: May Lindstrom


3. EPARA (London)

Founder: Ozohu Adoh

EPARA Natural Cleansing Oil

EPARA Natural Cleansing Oil  

A mildly cleansing, skin softening oil used to produce an overall improvement to the skin appearance as well as preventing skin irritation. With the use of its highly nourishing and moisturizing ingredients the skin is brightened, whilst targeting skin imperfections and providing an even skin tone with an overall reduction in hyper-pigmentation. For all skin types.

Available at: Epara Skincare


4. Vered (Florida)

Founder: Vered Back

Vered Herbal Balancing Oil Cleanser

Vered Herbal Balancing Oil Cleanser 

Herbal Balancing Oil Cleanser gently yet thoroughly cleanses, balances and nourishes your skin. A soothing blend of oils and herbs that are naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, it’s extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Cultures around the world have used plant oils for facial cleansing for thousands of years. Unlike a traditional “foaming” cleanser, this silky oil cleanser, once activated with water, produces a low-matte foam leaving you with glowing, clear skin! Combination, oily, blemish prone, sensitive, dry, and dehydrated skin conditions will benefit from this gentle treatment.

 Available at:


5. Earthwise Beauty (Spokane, Washington)

Founder: Ava Zhan

Earthwise Beauty Paloma of the High Desert Cleansing Ritual Oil

Earthwise Beauty Paloma of the High Desert Cleansing Ritual Oil

Paloma is a mythical creature, part woman, part dove. Her home is in the California High Desert among the creosote bushes, giant yucca plants, and buckhorn cholla. When sighted as a dove, she brings hope to people who are dejected, hails peace in the land, and makes you forget your sorrows.

Our cleansing and facial massage oil was named after Paloma the woman-dove to evoke the pure, gentle, compassionate, and peace-loving nature of the desert nymph. It is a lightweight, smooth, quenching oil that offers luxurious slip and glide among the seductive aromas of geranium, rose, palmarosa, and pomegranate.

Available at: Earthwise Beauty


6. In Fiore (San Francisco) 

Founder: Julie Elliott

In Fiore LUSTRA Illuminating Cleansing Essence

In Fiore LUSTRA Illuminating Cleansing Essence

A combination of avocado, grape seed, jasmine, and arnica flower oils allow this cleanser to deeply penetrate the complexion while targeting clogged pores, acne, and dry skin. Lustra maintains the natural moisture balance and gently removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin. Best for clogged pores, poor circulation, and congested complexions.

Available at: In Fiore


7. Siam Seas (Florida)

Founder: Supadra Geronimo

Siam Seas Morning Delight Cleanser

Siam Seas Morning Delight Cleanser 

Cleanser by day, makeup remover by night. Morning Delight is a superfood cleanser for all skin types, especially acne-prone and oily skin. This dual action cleanser has a velvety oil texture on your skin and will effortlessly melt makeup and sunscreen; pick up excessive sebum and debris, before being washed away in a thin milky solution once touched by water leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed and silky soft.

Indigenous plant medicine such as sompoi, mangosteen, rang jued, garlic and onion support skin with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and scar brightening properties. Exfoliating enzymes from papaya and aspen bark work to clear congestion and slough off dead skin cells, revealing a glowing new layer. High linoleic fatty acid in sunflower oil and castor seed oil deeply cleanse and protect your natural skin barrier.

Scent Experience: Morning Delight Cleanser is grounding — an earthy scent with a subtle touch of sweet floral and tangy citrus.

Available at: SiamSeas


8. de Mamiel (UK)

Founder: Annee de Mamiel

de Mamiel Pure Calm Cleansing Dew

de Mamiel Pure Calm Cleansing Dew

Clean and refresh your skin.

Reduce redness by eradicating skin-damaging free radicals with 1st generation antioxidant ferulic acid. Strengthen your skin's barrier with ceramide-boosting blackcurrant seed oil for a plumper, smoother texture. Lock in moisture with potent linolenic acid. Enjoy your skin's calm.

Available at: de Mamiel 


9. Laurel Organics (California)

Founder: Lauren Shaffer

Laurel Organics. Deep Clarity Oil Cleanser

Laurel Organics Deep Clarity Oil Cleanser

Deep Clarity is a complete and intentional beauty ritual within itself. Our Oil Cleanser roots out pore congestion, pulls debris to the surface and helps eliminate puffiness, stagnation and inflammation, immediately revitalizing a dull complexion.

With our favorite cleansing oils like Sesame, Safflower and Sunflower, this Cleanser offers an immediate reduction in pore visibility and brightens and evens skin tone with a whole plant Turmeric extract. Essential oils in this blend, such as Ylang Ylang and Neroli, have an immediate relaxing effect on the nervous system, further supporting this beauty ritual by soothing the mind and spirit. With other powerhouse regenerative ingredients like Calendula, Tamanu, and Rosemary our Oil Cleanser boosts circulation for both blood and lymph, reducing stagnation and inflammation for a deeper detox.

Available at: Laurel Skin


10. MUN (New York)

Founder: Munemi Imai

MUN. Akwi Purifying Cleanser

MUN Akwi Purifying Cleanser

Akwi is a creamy, oil-based cleanser that lifts impurities, unclogs pores and removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup without stripping the skin. The pH-balanced formula is a blend of synergistic natural ingredients, including Castor Oil, a soothing cleanser and powerful detoxifier, nutrient-dense Argan Oil and antioxidant Camellia Seed Oil. It leaves your skin cleansed, soft and moisturized. This cleanser has a pH range of 5.0-5.5. Effective for all skin types.

Available at: MŪN 


11. Max and Me (Austria) 

Founders: Max and Tanja Gruber

Max and Me. Purity & Grace Transforming Facial Oil Cleanser

Max and Me Purity & Grace Transforming Facial Oil Cleanser

Purity & Grace is an inclusive daily cleanse, designed to let you step into your skincare ritual with awareness and ease. Effortlessly lifting away the day’s pollutants, make-up and debris to leave you supple and smooth while balancing and releasing congestion.

With mighty Tamanu, sweet Neroli, crisp Juniper Berry, rich Atlas Cedar and pristine Hyssop, this silky elixir reduces and prevents breakouts, clears dullness, boosts microcirculation and helps to uplift appearance with combined ingredient power of moisturizers, antioxidants and Sea Buckthorn as a radiation protector. Beyond the eye’s vision, Purity&Grace clears the energy and acts as a counter to the buildup of electromagnetic toxins that can affect the body’s circadian rhythms. Take one deep breath of the aromatic bouquet when you need a reset and yours is a clarity that opens your world for fresh curiosity and new ideas.

Available at: maxandme


12. Dry Skin Love (Canada)

Founder: Dr. Natasha Ryz

 Dry Skin Love Wild Orange Oil to Milk Face Cleanser

Dry Skin Love Wild Orange Oil to Milk Face Cleanser

A moment of luxury. Cleanse, soothe and delight. Envelop yourself in a sensory delight - from the vibrant orange color to the mouth-watering citrus aroma, the rich texture, and the soothing finish. All are designed with your maximum pleasure and delight in mind. Using our wild orange cleanser helps you connect with your senses and with yourself. It provides a ritual and a daily moment of luxury just for you.

Wild Orange. Coriander Seed. Vanilla Bean.

Made with organic plant extracts and essential oils.

Available at: Dry Skin Love Skincare

Dry Skin Face Cleanser Luxury Natural Ingredients Oil Cleanser Product Skincare Wild Orange Face Cleanser

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